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Pizzatramp are a three-piece two chord thrash punk crossover band from the hard streets of South Wales. Formed at the end of 2014, and specializing in one minute blasts of horrible punk noise, they will be appearing in a toilet near you soon, so go and fucking watch them. Or book them for beer and fuel money.


Jimmy No Whammy : Possessing a vast arsenal of one chord,  no timing and scratchy howls, Jimmy has been busy seeing just how drunk he can get whilst maintaining a minimum standard of barely playing and ranting about things noone cares about and chain smoking.

Sammy Two Cabs: Thundering basslines and chundering howls, Sammy makes sure he switches up loud enough to cover Jimmy's numerous mistakes. Don't stroke his fucking beard.

Danny Banger: Songwriter, band manager and drummer extraordinaire, the other band members have still not even bothered learning his name. He might play fast and be the glue that holds the shambles together, but he is only the fucking drummer, after all. Fun fact: has never ever, ever played a song at the right speed.



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