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We get to play with loads of amazing bands and meet loads of wicked people. Here's some links to keep you occupied, and you will get a lot more out of it than looking at shit on Facebook.

Wonk Unit: One of the most important, and best, punk bands on the DIY circuit. Wonk tour the world endlessly, are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and are fucking sick live. Their live show destroys, and their tunes are fucking brilliant. Check them out here.

TNS Records: DIY punk label based in Manchester, and home to some of the best punk acts in the UK today (including us!). Also the people resposible for putting on the amazing and ever-growing Manchester Punk Festival. Click the link for more.

Plasterer Records: Brand spanking new London-based record label ran by the Daddy Wonk himself, Alex of Wonk Unit fame. Mark our words, the man knows talent and keep an eye out here to discover your new favorite band here.

Grand Collapse: Wales' finest hardcore punk rock thrashers, who simply lay waste to everyone, and every band, at every gig they play. The followup to their essential "Far From The Callous Crowd" album is coming early next year. Have a look.

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man: The North's finest export of super thrashy punk, with numerous releases under their belts, awesome people and nobody in the world should be able to sing that many lyrics whilst playing that fast. Tap here for more.

Graveyard Johnnys: The world's finest Psychobilly punks with allsorts of genres thrown in, top people and good friends of ours. The Johnnys can usually be found jetting across Europe getting weird. Check them out here.


Bad Sam: From the embers of Cowboy Killers, Dub War and Blue Gillespie comes Newport's answer to the Dead Kennedys. Vocalist Beddis will be in your face before then end of the first song, and will have given every ounce of himself by the last. Featuring Rhys on bass, who has helped us out of many a hole with his studio help, guitar and bass stand-ins, and album appearances. Get on it here.

Unit 28: Jeff Rose of Dub War and Skindred fame is the fucking man when it comes to making us sound how we do on record. Amazing prices, amazing man, amazing studio, get yourself booked in here.

Mark Bell Illustration: The man responsible for our wicked artwork, always delivers even when we give him a meagre 24 hours to sort it out! Also plays in a sick band called Mug. Click the band name for info on that, or here for his artwork page.

Seven Crowns: Raging punk rockers from Bath, blow everyone away live, fantastic people, and the most famous punk band in Asia to boot. You know the score, bash the link.

State Of Decay: Hardcore punk from the streets of Swansea, the boys are about to unleash their third EP. If the first two ragers are anything to go by, look them up here and get it ordered.

Hold My Pint Photograpy: Tim Bevington of TNS Records fame also produces some of the best gig photos you will ever see. Everything on this site was stolen from him. You aren't in a wicked punk band if you haven't had a Bev as your profile picture at some point. See what he's about here.

Le Pub: The sole surviving punk venue in our nearest city of Newport. Sam works endlessly to bring in touring bands and artists as well as giving the local yobs like us a platform to make sure Newport doesn't die. Have a look what's coming up at this link.

The Doll's House: Along the same lines as Le Pub, the folk at The Dolls in Abertillery put on allsorts of gigs, festivals and events, mostly free, all year. Amzing scene, always busy, and out second home. Have a look here.

Trigger McPoopshute: Our punk rock fathers, and a seriously brilliant band too. Also responsible for the mighty Slugfest festival every summer, have a gander.

EHC Screenprinting: EHC print all our merch, awesome quality, super fast turnaround and delivery, always helpful and genuinely brilliant to work with. If you need any printing done, click here and give them a shout. Shay also played in the sadly defunct Officer Down, who are wicked and well worth checking out.

Ashlea Bea Photography: Ash is a wicked photographer, awesome person and does loads of live gigs and band shoots so if you're in need, give her a holla by clicking this link.

Mark Richards: England's finest purveyor of live gig photos and immense band music videos, including the Wonk Unit one that we "starred" in. For your photo and video needs, you cannot go wrong with this man. Wicked bloke to boot as well. As in he's nice, don't actually kick him. Tap this to message him about how we condoned violence towards him on our website.

Brassick: The finest punk rockers of the Midlands and our newest partners in crime, fucking awesome full throttle purveyours of the finest punk going, check em out here

The Domestics: Full on, in your face hardcore punk from Suffolk. Also Jim's favorite punk band of all time. Flawless. Four out of five stars. Here's their Facebook.

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