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I've drank so much
That I can't see
Pile of puke
Sitting before me
I've pissed my pants
Smashed my face
I'm blowing chunks
But I'm ok
Blowing chunks
But I'm OK


Know what you think before you've thunk it

Tom Cruise is outside the door

You knew it's poison but you drunk it

Game's not begun they know the score

Hacked phones and sattelites and Racebook and CCTV

That private message well they read it

You said that something was the bomb

They checked your mail because you said it

But seem to miss what's really wrong

Ladies and gentlemen,

Keep your tin foil hats firmly in place

They can take a cockshot through your pocket and you wouldn't even know it

Like the rats, they're everywhere

Smile for the fucking camera


Believe it or not we know it

That the whole fucking world is fucked

That your mum and the pigs and even my nan

Are broken and bent and corrupt

But Dylan and Rotten and Zach did it better

And they didn't sound like mugs

Sing it and shout it, read all about it

We'll stick with beer and drugs

Death, Deception, Debt, Recession

Try as we might we can't help it

Because the whole fucking world is fucked

And there's only so much we can sing about coke

When Murdoch has still got your trust

Death, watch it live on BBC, their deception

Debt, keep you where you need to be, recession



You're a slick witch

You know exactly what your doing
You're a slick witch

Won't be fooled again
You're a slick witch

You know exactly what your doing
You're a slick witch sniffing round them

Slickest of the witches, you're living a lie
Slickest of the witches

It's something you like


Nothing more than an innocent bystander

You're a class A clown

And a massive wanker

It's not illegal

It's business for the masses

Bring some cash

To the washed out town

Town Clown

We've been here from the very start

Just another extra witha walk on part

Town Clown


Fuck you with your power trip violence bullshit
Forget about your chemical warfare power trip
You're just a racist pride hating cock sniff
You're on your own in the fight for the made up cause
Your maiden voyage will be filled up failure
Flying a flag for something you don't even know

Fuck 'em heavy guy

Fuck 'em heavy 'til you die


All the girls in their gangs

All pushing their prams

Whilst their dads do paper rounds

Plastic rings, Fake bling

Pierced cheeks

Eighty quid a week, Coral winning streak

Bet it tasted sweet

All in a state, another dead estate

Make way for the Queen Of Ringland

All the boys in their gangs

All pushing their grams

Deja Vu

It goes round and round


Goodfellas, Asdas, frozen or fresh

I'll eat out the bins at pizza express

Barbeque, meat feast, stuffed crust or thin

I'll even go veggie if you order it in

Gonna guzzle it, gonna nuzzle it,

Eyes wide shut, I'm a pizza slut

Serve it I'll hoover it, gobble it up

Tony Montana it run like a truck

When it comes to addiction I wear the crown

If I stay up then I'll never be down


You walk around like you're something special
You're just a fucking scumbag
Nice clothes nice hair nice car shit life
Wasting a precious mind


Your brain a goopy lump of slime
Fuck off please now and die
Fake watch fake shoes fake wife
Waste of a precious mind

You do the scumbag boogie
A little boogie woogie


So I drag my carcass to the top of the mountain and slowly I wait for death
But it keeps me waiting hoping and a praying

That I got maybe one day left


I don't show no mercy the Lord ain't gonna save me as I take my final breath
My heart stops beating my lungs cease breathing and at last I'm laid to rest

Two Dogs Six Legs

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